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About Us

The tragic and early death of Chaudhary Muhammed Yousaf's (Ex-Senior Minister of the state of AJK) son in 1980 was to become the inspiration and motivation behind the creation of the Al Hassan Foundation.

Molana Hakim Hayat Ali Chishti encouraged and inspired Chaudhary Muhammad Yousaf to lay a trust in the memory of his late son. Chaudhary Muhammad Yusaf decided that he could assist in educating many of the orphaned and underprivileged children.

Chaudhary Muhammad Yousaf has a vision to provide children with not only religious education but also scientific and worldly education in line with Islam.

In 1982 Chaudhary Muhammad Yousuf and his brothers donated their personal land for the establishment of Jamia Al Hassan and with the help of donors and trustees today Al Hassan Foundation with the grace of Allah have four different academic Institutes. In which hundreds of students including orphans, poor and needy children are getting quality education.

Al Hassan Foundation is not only fulfilling the need of quality education but also playing its role as well for the career building of its students, as many of its students are serving as lecturers, officers in armed forces and on key positions in may organizations.

Al Hassan Foundation is also a registered charity organization in UK.

Our objectives are:

  1. To educate the poor and underprivileged and to bring them up according to the need of the hour so that they may become suitable beneficial pillars of society.

  2. To provide them with a high level of education both scientific and religious basis, integrating an understanding of Information Technology.

  3. To equip them with tools to provide social services to the community at large.