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Jamia Al Hassan


Jamia Al Hassan consists of three departments:

Department of Nazra

The child is admitted in the department of Nazra at the age of five and completes Nazra averagely  in a year. This department was set up in 1982. Presently, this department is benefiting hundreds of students by providing them the education of Holy Quran. The teachers of the department also pay heed to their students’ character building so that they could become healthy components of the society.

Department of Hifz

Children get admission in this department after completing their primary education. A student averagely learns Holy Quran by heart approximately in two years along with school education. The department of Hifz was also found in 1982. Since then, hundreds of students from this department have learned the Holy Quran by heart. The students of Hifz also get contemporary education. The Holy Prophet said:

“The best of you is he who learnt the Holy Quran and taught it to others”


Many of students of this department are serving in different mosques as Imams and teachers to impart the education of Holy Quran and the Hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

Department of Dars-e-Nizami

Students get admission in Department of Dars-e-Nizami after passing their matriculation. This course is for seven years in which students after completing the course get a degree of Shahdat-ul_Aalmia which is equivalent to M.A. Arabic + M.A. Islamic Studies. This department was established in 2000 with the collaboration of the Dur-ul-Uloom Mohammadia Ghousia Bherah Sharif, district Sargodha. The students of this department also get contemporary education at intermediate and graduation levels. They are also taught the use of computer through various courses.

Staff Details:

Name Qualification Designation
Maroof Ur Rasheed M.A  (Islamic STD.) Gold medalist Principal
Gulfaraz Ahmad M.A  (Islamic STD.),  M.O.L Vice Principal
Ahsaan ul Haq M.A  (Islamic STD.),  M.O.L Teacher
Abdul Waheed M.A  (Islamic STD.),  M.O.L Teacher
M Gubaz M.A  (Islamic STD.),  M.O.L Teacher
Muhammad Zubair BSC Teacher
Sheraz ali M.A  (Islamic STD.),  M.O.L Teacher
M Faraqat B.A Clark
Muhammad Nisar Middle & Hifaz Teacher
Muhammad Imran Middle & Hifaz Teacher
Fakhar Abbas  (Primary) Sweeper
Iltaf Hussain  (Middle) Chowkidar
Muhammad iftikhar  (Primary) Cook
Muhammad Jabbar  (Primary) Helper
Muhammad Naweed  (Primary) Helper
Total Salary 199550

Student Details:

Sr. No Class Strength
Department of Nazra 50
Department of Dars-e-Nizami
01 1st Year 16
02 Adeeb Arabic 17
03 F A 21
04 Alim Arabic 11
Sub Total 65
Department of Hifz
01 1st  class 13
02 2nd class 17
03 3rd class 19
Sub Total 49
Total Strength 164

Al Hassan Foundation provides free residence, health care, and catering to all the students of Jamia Al Hassan.